Episode 20: Police Story 3 Supercop

Welcome to Episode 20 of Heroes Three! This week is all about the high flying Jackie Chan movie, Police Story 3 Supercop (1992)!


  1. Another fantastic episode guys! This era Jackie Chan was amazing to behold at the time, we didn't get a cinema release of this here in Scotland, but weirdly we did get Shuang long hui aka Twin Dragons aka Brother vs. Brother! (1992) on its random limited re-release after Rumble in the Bronx and First Strike...

    If you want to dive into another Jackie Chan film from this era please, please consider it!

    Whilst its far from being the best JC movie, its a really, interesting one to dive into! seemingly Jackie kinda hates it, feeling the Tsui Hark directed VFX sequences didn't work (though the Ringo Lam directed action scenes have a much stronger focus on martial arts than his other movies from around this time, and its worth seeing for that alone), culminating in a fairly insane set piece set in a Car Testing Facility (Mitsubishi obviously.)

    It's also loaded with HK cameos, Lau Kar Leung guests as a Dr (in the HK release only), Ti Lung plays a shady snitch, Wong Lung-Wai plays the main villains key henchman ( good 1on1 fight with him and Jackie in a Karaoke Bar), Maggie Cheung back again as (one of the two) Jackie's love interest, and John Woo even shows up in a cameo as a Priest. its just a really weird film overall.
    I think the only time Jackie ever worked with Tsui Hark, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Oh, we definitely love Twin Dragons here. Jackie is absolutely the comfort food for us and I know we could burn through all his films pretty easily. We'll get there eventually though, don't worry. Thanks for sharing the info!


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