Heroes Three Gaiden Ongaku Hen

We're still cooking our She Shoots Straight episode so I thought I'd share this little side project with you guys as a fill in episode. Hope you find some enjoyment in this, please let me know. I think we could have fun doing episodes similar to this with more of a HK/Asian Cinema focus in the future. See you guys next week for our She Shoots Straight episode!

- Carlos

Download the episode here!

Track List

1. Cammy Theme - Ohka Orihara - Diverse Vs Capcom

2. Stage 6 Office - Hiroyuki Iwatsuki - Ninja Warriors Once Again

3. Writhe in Pain (Millia's Theme) - Daisuke Ishiwatari - Guilty Gear XX

4. Bollywood - Anamanaguchi - Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game

5. Collapsed Castle - Ayako Saso - Fighting EX Layer

6. In the Bar - ProjectDolphin - Arrange EP

7. Survivors Under the Sky (Ikari Team BGM) - Naoki Kita - The King of Fighters XIV

8. Rising Up - Olivier Deriviere - Streets of Rage 4

9. G ~Blast ver.~ - Go Shiina - Tekken 6

10. B.G.M.1 Rising - Masahiko Takaki - Warrior Blade Rastan Saga III

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