Episode 43: Fist of the North Star the Movie 1986

Welcome to episode 43 of Heroes Three. This week Mike joins us as we stumble through the wastelands of 199X, searching for hope and water while we discuss 1986's violent epic, Hokuto no Ken aka Fist of the North Star the Movie!

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The Japanese trailer

Some of the uncut scenes from the Italian VHS

The alternate ending from the Japanese VHS release

D from Vampire Hunter D hides in the crowd during the final encounter with Raoh!

Ken makes an appearance in Vampire Hunter D as well!


  1. Guys Thank you, thank you!!! Just discovered you with this episode and been on a deep dive all day through older episodes - your show is fucking awesome! You pock some choice HK films to cover and the shows an excellent mix of really great information as well as being really fucking funny. Keep up the great work - cannot wait for the 5 Deadly Venoms! I'm visiting HK next week, going to try and sneak into the old Shaw's Studio in Clearwater bay where they made ALL their classic Kung Fu movies. There really has never been a studio quite like it before or since, (maybe because it was a little bit slave labour) but all the stars lived on site and worked everyday, 6 days a week shooting movies constantly, often 3 or 4 at one time, thats why the sets are seen so often! They would just rotate around the backlot - like the old Hollywood system, except all the technicians, actors, directors lived there full time! Crazy. Please consider covering Mad Monkey Kung Fu, Dirty HO ( maybe the best Shaw Bros film ever??) Oh shit, Also ,Wasn't one of the Venoms the crazy villain with the eye patch in Hard Boiled?? Philip Kwok?

    Anyways, cheers for having what I've clearly been craving for ages....
    A extremely dope HK ( and occasional Anime) podcast!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Hope you're having a great time in HK, and good luck with the sneaking around Clearwater Bay. You might end up with your own bright red Shaw Bros blood if you're caught, hahaha. If you do get some pics, please share them with us! Hope you enjoy our take on the Five Venoms and thank you for listening to the podcast!

      - Carlos


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